Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Millions of us celebrate Valentine’s Day every year and spend billions of gifts, candies, and jewelry. However, we don’t often...View Details

We have come to the end of our Dadfident Series and season one of our podcast. Thank you all who have supported us all these months. Thank you to our ...View Details

We continue to celebrate Father's Day Month with with part 2 of our conversation with Mr. Tracy Martin. He was thrust into the spotlight after the mur...View Details

We continue to honor fathers and celebrate Fathers' Month with Mr. Tracy Martin. He was thrust into the spotlight after the murder of his son Trayvon ...View Details

in honor of Father's Day we are taking the entire month of June to honor fathers, especially black and brown fathers. We kick off this series with my ...View Details

Marriage and Mental Illness Marriages can be stressful at times. They take a lot work and there are no guarantees. However, what do you do when you le...View Details

I’m depressed, but my spouse thinks I’m lying When a husband or wife is battling depression, it can create serious problems in the marriage. More comp...View Details

Love Checks and the small things All too often we overlook the small things in relationships...a text or a note left behind without realizing they are...View Details

You are enough. Episode Summary: As we roll into 2019, we'd like to kick things off with some powerful motivation. Allow us to introduce you to Mr. Ma...View Details

No refunds for bad marriages The average wedding costs approximately $30,000. Depending where you live, it is not uncommon for couples to spend $100,0...View Details

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