Branding Your Marriage

Many couples get married and don’t have a plan or vision their marriage. Our guests today, Dr. Adrianne and Mr. Ovett Wilson, explain the same way major corporations have branded their products and services, it is also important for marriages to have a brand.

Ovett Wilson, founder and CEO of R.E.F.O.R.M, is an expert in the field of education.  His experience includes classroom teaching, mentoring, life coach, assistant principal, principal, professional development trainer, motivational speaker and university instructor.  Mr. Wilson is currently a school Principal in Tampa, Florida.  With over 15 years of leadership experience in PK-12 education, Mr. Wilson has spent countless hours studying and applying effective practices to enhance teacher performance to improve student achievement.  

Dr. Adrianne Wilson holds a B.S in secondary social science education, a M.Ed in educational leadership, and an Ed.D in educational leadership from the University of South Florida. With over 16 years in education at the K-12 and college levels, Dr. Wilson is currently a Professor and Coordinator of the newly developed Master’s in Educational Leadership program at The University of Tampa in Tampa, FL. 

Together, Ovett and Adrianne are the founders of My Marriage Mentors and The Wilson Education Foundation and co-authors of The Ten Laws of Winning.  These endeavors afford them opportunities to mentor, teach, publish, and promote educational opportunities.  They reside in Wesley Chapel, Florida with their two wonderful sons, Jadon and Josiah. 

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