Is your baggage really trauma?  

In this episode, we discuss the role of trauma in relationships. Many people think that the problems in their relationships are due to the baggage that gets accumulated. However, there is a fair number of individuals dealing with trauma rather than baggage. Listen to this episode and figure out how to know the difference. 

Sharon J. Lawrence is the owner/primary clinician of Selah Wellness & Therapeutic Services, LLC. She has over 15 years of experience working as an Author, Therapist, Clinical Director, Supervisor, Trainer and Speaker. Sharon believes that if you can change your mindset, you can change your behavior. She provides realistic steps to achieving a more revived lifestyle, which she calls The Selah Moment.

Sharon is the author of 7 Simple Ways to Shape Your Marriage: Strategies to Feeling Loved and Connected; the My Everything Gratitude Journal; and the My Everything Gratitude Journal for Youth: I Am Everything from A to Z. She is also the creator of Desserts & Discussions the Tour, which focuses on providing information related to mental health, self-care and healthy relationships. Her books can be purchased at You can follow Sharon on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube @myselahwellness. 

The Couples Counsel Podcast is designed to help couples get unstuck and moving towards a happier and healthier relationship. As Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Dr. Jameson Mercier and Mrs. Herdyne Mercier, provide practical advice for everyday challenges in relationships. They believe that any couple can have a successful relationship if they are equipped with the right tools. Whether your relationship is doing well or in need of some new skills, there is something for everyone. Episodes are released weekly on Wednesday mornings. For more information, visit To hear past episodes, go to

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