What fighting for your marriage looks like.

Episode Summary:
You enter your marriage with the understanding that there will be challenges and you will have to fight for it. You think you know the meaning of “For better or worse.” However, the truth is we don’t really know what to expect.
For this week’s episode we talk to Gerald and Patrice Washington. Their story about how they had to fight to keep their marriage alive is something you want to hear. Listen and be encourage.
Patrice Washington is an award-winning author, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach, and media personality.
Patrice Washington got her start as your favorite personal finance expert, “America’s Money Maven”, having tremendous success with her “mindset approach” to personal finance. She has since expanded her brand and mission, encouraging women to chase purpose, not money.
Patrice is committed to redefining the term “wealth”, using its original meaning, “well-being”. She encourages women to have “wealth” in all aspects of their lives by pursuing their purpose, being fulfilled, and earning more without ever chasing money. Through her teachings, Patrice empowers women to look at life through the lens of abundance and opportunity, instead of lack and scarcity.
As the founder of Redefining Wealth and The Earn More Money Movement for Women, Patrice has built a thriving community of high-achieving women committed to creating a powerful life vision--in their careers, home, health, and personal finances.
With a longstanding history of taking brands and businesses to the next level of success, Gerald’s leadership, innovation, and business acumen leave only two words to describe him: Empire Builder.
Today he’s building a family empire that includes several multi-unit real estate holdings, a transportation company, brand management division and now transformation arm via his speaking, coaching programs and new book, Don’t Just Start a Business, Build an Empire.

Gerald was the partner and president of Steve Harvey World Group and successfully secured major partnerships and endorsement deals with household names such as T-Mobile, Ford, State Farm, NBC, ABC, Fox and BET.


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