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The way couples deal with challenges says a lot about their chances of success. In times of hardship, too many couples turn against one another rather than towards each other. That is not the case for today’s guest. They understand that teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Dr. Berry Pierre better known as “Dr. Berry” is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician who is the Founder of Pierre Medical Consulting, Host of the weekly podcast Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry, a best selling author & speaker.

Dr. Berry is an Internal Medicine Residency Program Director & Director of Medical Education where he serves to train the next line of Physicians behind him but his true passion is in the empowerment of the patient. He founded Pierre Medical Consulting Inc. with the goal of health promotion, education & bridging the technological knowledge gap amongst his colleagues in the health professional field.

Through his blogs, vlogs, and podcast he teaches the art of empowerment for patients across the world. As a sought after tech consultant, he helps entrepreneurs in the health professional fields demystify the technological concepts needed to build their brand on social media from landing pages, sales funnels & email sequences.

Maria Davis-Pierre is the founder of Autism in Black Inc. She is a licensed therapist, coach, speaker, and advocate. After going through the process of getting her daughter diagnosed at 18 months, Maria changed her specialty and began working heavily in the Autism community. In January of 2018 Maria launched her 2nd private practice Autism in Black Inc., which aims to provide support to black parents who have a child on the spectrum, through educational and advocacy services. Autism in Black Inc. is dedicated to bringing awareness and acceptance to Autism Spectrum Disorder and reducing the stigma associated with ASD in the black community.

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