Welcome to our brand-new podcast, “The Couples Counsel”. This show is Co-Hosted by Dr. Jameson Mercier, LCSW and his amazing wife Herdyne Mercier, MSW. We have 4 kids and have been married 11 years and counting. We own and operate a private practice providing counseling to individuals and families but specializing in couples. 

This show is for those looking for practical advice for everyday challenges in their relationships. The podcast is designed to get couples unstuck and moving towards a happier and healthier relationship. We understand that marriage comes with its unique challenges. However, we believe that any couple can have a successful relationship if they are equipped with the right tools.


Mercier Wellness & Consulting



Special thanks to our coaches:

Patrice Washington


Vernon Ross



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Dr. Jameson Mercier

Instagram:       @dr.jamesonmercier

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Twitter:           @jamesonMercier


Herdyne Mercier

Instagram:       @TheWifeMentor

Facebook:       The Wife Mentor

Twitter:           @thewifementor 

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