My Wife is a Superwoman My wife is very driven. She is a competitor and will fight to the end to get what she wants/needs. While this is great, it can...View Details

Couples and Custody battles We want to believe that all marriages last forever. However, the truth is that some relationships will not make it. Unfort...View Details

Do not play with divorce

  Do not play with divorce. The idea of divorce is often used as a threat when our spouse doesn't do what we want them to. We can't stress enough how ...View Details

Newlywed Challenges

Newlywed Challenges On this episode we talk to Jonathan and Ralph (Ralphie) Toulon, a newlywed couple about their new marriage. They talk openly about...View Details

Being married does not make you a wife  Wife-to-Derek and Coach-to-Wives, Lakia “LB” Brandenburg is The Wife Coach. She is a two-time bestselling auth...View Details

Is your marriage gauge working? On this episode Herdyne and I talk about a recent experience of running out of gas. We could not understand why becaus...View Details

Its us against the world.

Its us against the world Episode Summary: The way couples deal with challenges says a lot about their chances of success. In times of hardship, too m...View Details

When your husband is a stay-at-home-dad Episode Summary: With the anticipation of the arrival of their second child and his lack of joy in being an e...View Details

Marriage and Money

Marriage and Money  Episode Summary: It goes without saying that marriage and money makes for lively and interesting conversations. It is the number o...View Details

After We Say I Do

After We Say I Do Episode Summary: The work starts after you say I do. Too many couples focus on getting to the altar and not enough time preparing fo...View Details

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